In cooking Krokos Kozanis is considered to be a special condiment, not only for its fine spicy savour and its intoxicating scent, but also for its shining yellow colour. The most established fact however is that Krokos stimulates the appetite and mainly corrects the colouring, the smell and the taste of the food.

There is a long list of food in which Krokos Kozanis is added while it continues to expand. In this, rice, soups, sauces, pastry foods, vegetables, bread, cakes, dairy products, various alcoholic drinks, etc are included.


The last years there is a rising interest by the clothing industry in painting with vegetal pigment. In Greece many dyehouses have also started to take into consideration these requirements, at a first stage by using in low scale natural pigments for the so called “ecological paints”. From all the above, it seems that there are perspectives of utilising Krokos also to the direction of fibre painting.