Crocus sativus is the botanical name of this plant, which is planted in the summer and blossoms in autumn. Today it is excessively cultivated in Iran, Kashmir, Greece, Spain, Morocco. The only area where Krokos is cultivated is the Kozani region, centre of which are the neighbouring villages Krokos, Karyditsa and Ano Komi. The cultivation of Krokos is not very demanding.

Temperate climate, rain and fine-crafted soil are sufficient factors. Every autumn that Krokos blossom, the flowers which bloom in the middle of October are collected by hand. Krokos is ready for ingathering as soon as the flower completely opens. The sort-out takes place, the selection of the lamina from the stamens and the stigmata. Subsequently the stigmata are dried and stored in tins. Then follows the processing for their disposal in the market.