Krokos Kozanis PDOThe Authentic!

The project RED GOLD involves the implementation of information and promotion activities to increase the recognition of the PDO logo highlighting the specific features of Krokos Kozanis (saffron) PDO in terms of authenticity, nutritional and health value in target country Italy and Greece.

"The project was submitted on 12.04.2018 for finance, according to the provisions of the CALL FOR PROPOSALS FOR SIMPLE PROGRAMMES 2018 – PROMOTION OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS"

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    There is a long list of food in which Krokos Kozanis is added while it continues to expand.

    In cooking Krokos Kozanis is considered to be a special condiment, not only for its fine spicy savour and its intoxicating scent, but also for its shining yellow colour.

    The last years there is a rising interest by the clothing industry in painting with vegetal pigment.



  • Quality

    Cultivation and production methods meet international and European quality and safety standards
  • Standards

    EU authorities carefully evaluate risk and always seek the best possible scientific advice before prohibiting or allow any product, ingredient, additive or genetically modified organism
  • Safety

    Food safety is a top priority for Europe.

Kozani Saffron Producers Cooperative

The aim of the Cooperation is to:

  • Coordinate the cultivation of the saffron plant to increase production and improve quality.
  • Collect and distribute the product.
  • Standardise and uniform in appearance that same product.
  • In order to achieve its aim, the Cooperative develops any legitimate actions it sees fit and more specifically the following:
  • It sees to the scientific study of the cultivation of the plant.
  • It sees to the training of the farmers and the distribution of specialised and related information and directives.
  • It provides its members with agricultural items needed for the cultivation of the plant, especially with superior seed.
  • It collects, processes, standarises, packs and distributes the product on behalf of the partners.
  • It participates with a percentage of 55% in the newly founded company Krokus Products Kozanis S.A. along with the company Korres Natural Products S.S. This new company produces organic beverages with Kozani saffron. The series includes 7 different flavours.